At The Foam Centre we always recommend high density foam for seat cushions. To use lighter densities, low cost or low quality foam would be a false economy. Where firm support is required we always use 38-40 kilo foam, also using polyester wadding to wrap around the foam changing the appearance from a square block look to a softer more domed style.  This is merely a cosmetic venture and does not affect the comfort or support levels of the cushion. 

Using firm high density foam inside ensures that maximum support and comfort are retained. If on the other hand durability is required but not nessesarily firm support we would recommend you have Reflex or Super Bultex foams which offer the ultimate in shape retention technology. This type of foam is particulary useful when replacing those loose fill cushions like polyester fibre or heavy old feather cushions which seem to require plumping up every day.

We can work from diagrams or templates but its always best if we have your covers so we can cut and fit your cushions, ensuring a perfect fit before they leave our workshop.

Foam Description:

  • Medium Density (light usage foam) - this foam is suitable like chair back rests, headboard pads, window seat pads and handicraft etc
  • High Density Firm – this is good for all round uses such as domestic furniture, commercial seating and mattresses, suitable for heavy duty everyday use.
  • High Resilience Reflex and Super Bultex foam – Heavy duty domestic seating and mattresses, for use where firmness is not required but shape retention and durability are.
  • 6LB Re-con -  recycled foam which is very firm, suitable for gymnastic mats and bar seating, church pews, generally where heavy duty foam is required
  • 8lb Re-con – recyled same uses as 6lb only even firmer!

To calcualte your price

Medium grade
High Density
6lb recon 
8lb recon
80p per square foot @ 1” thick
£1.14 per square foot @ 1” thick
£1.21 per square foot @ 1” thick
96p per square foot @ 1” thick
£1.27 per square foot @ 1” thick